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Melbourne Digital Television Services is an established innovative leader in the field of Insurance work.With over 27,000 satisfied clients you can be assured we will strive to get you the best possible outcome. We recommend mandatory replacement when the units have been affected by high voltage, flood or impact panel damage. When you need to make a claim and activate your house and contents insurance policy. We understand how stressful and overwhelming this unfortunate experience can be.

Our protocol is designed to deliver a high priority claims service offering the option to email your damage report directly to your insurer creating a seamless interface. We will liaise with your insurance company helping to settle your claim quickly.

Minimising any potential problems or unforeseen setbacks. Streamlining your claim application and avoiding any unnecessary delays. You will remain constantly informed throughout this process. Our friendly staff are happy to answer any of your questions.

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Accidental breakage
Occurs when television is damaged by for instance:
– Cleaning,
– Accidently knocking and TV falling off its shelf onto the ground,
– Young children throwing stuff at the TV,
– Teenage children throwing Wii remotes at the TV while playing games,
– Party accidents
– Damaged while moving or installing the TV

If you have accidental breakage on your insurance policy these are generally covered.
We inspect the unit and assess the damage.

Flood damage
This damage generally happens during storms, heavy rain or floods.
Television(s) are damaged by water leaking through the ceiling of a building.
For insurance purposes damage inspections are required.
Lightning damage
This damage generally happens during lightning storms.
Power lines or antennas, communication cables (telephone or internet) hit by lighting can cause damage or destroy your home entertainment appliances (i.e. overhead projectors, amplifiers, TV’s etc.).
For insurance purposes damage inspections are required.
Power surge damage
Occasionally the high voltage (20,000 volt) power lines may fall onto the low voltage domestic lines.
Generally caused by vehicles colliding into power poles or falling limbs from trees
This can cause devastating damage to any of your home appliances. Sever damage to meter boxes is common and integrity of the house wiring can also be compromised.
For Power companies and Insurance purposes we inspect the damage to all audio visual appliances.
We provide the report(s) for the Insurance and Power companies that are required in these circumstances. We will liaise on your behalf with any inquiries, if necessary.
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